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Liposuction in Mumbai


Liposuction Mumbai India is the best centre for liposuction in Mumbai. Liposuction is the surgical aspiration of subcutaneous fat by use of cannula attached to a vacuum pump. The essence of liposuction is removal of fat by blunt discontinuous dissection without interruption of their large neurovascular bundles coursing to the skin from the deep fascia. Liposuction can be done for face, neck, arms, male breasts, female breasts, abdomen, hip, flank and back, buttocks, thighs, calves and ankles. Liposuction methods available are Tumescent liposuction and Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction.

Liposuction was initially used for spot reduction of localised fat deposits in patients at or near ideal body weight. More recently however liposuction has been used for circumferential treatment of multiple anatomical areas, resulting in more comprehensive reshaping and reduction of body. Notwithstanding the surgeon’s ability to remove large volumes of fat liposuction is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle.



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Liposuction Arms


Liposuction of arms is done through small incision in axilla. Procedure is done with narrow suction cannula. It is a day care procedure.


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Liposuction chest


Liposuction of chest is done for gynecomastia correction in male and breast reduction in female.


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Liposuction Abdomen


Liposuction of abdomen is the most common liposuction procedure. Cannula is passed through small incision in umbilicus.


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Liposuction Thighs


Liposuction of Thigh is indicated for abnormal deposit of fat around thighs and hips.


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Liposuction Cheek


Cheek Liposuction is done to remove superficial fat in cheek. Can be combined with chin liposuction for double chin


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